Rice Coconut Milk!

Last week I bought some rice coconut milk at Bioplanet. Today I tested them for the first time in my bowl of oats. My mom brought me some steelcut oats instead of old fashioned oats and I must say I just loved them! Much more creamy that old fashioned. but more expensive…darn ;). I just used the rice coconut milk instead of almond milk for overnight blueberry oats. Right after my morning workout I devoured them in about 5min! I did some intervals on the staionary bike and some lifting. Only downside on working out in the morning is that I have to be quiet because everyone is still asleep…

Here they are!










I had a nice cozy lunch with the accountant, a freelancer, an auditor an a new student. I had last night’s dinner leftovers. They also told us today that tomorrow we are all participating in a big meeting and afterwards we all go out for lunch. I love the personal atmosphere at work! Going to lunch with the big bosses makes everything so much cooler.

When I got home I was glad that I had done my workout this morning. I almost hit the snooze button but then I realized how much I would hate myself for it after work. I made myself a turkey/feta sandwich and started reading a little but fell asleep…Still not used to the working routine I guess. I just found a low carb recipe for tomorrow’s breakfast, oatless oats! looks a bit strange and the ingredient combo sounds a bit strange too…that’s for tomorrow! I already told you about the business lunch tomorrow, well, it’s at a snackbar where there aren’t many healthy things to eat :/. So that means a lighter breakfast :(.

Later guys!


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