5 am Boost!

Got up at 5 this morning for a workout. I so wanted to stay in bed! But then I remebered, workout now means time do other stuff after work. 45min extremely HIIT! That’ll give you an early boost. Last night I baked a cake. One of my co workers decided to try and cut down on her sweets ( she’s kind of a sugar addict) because she gained some weight. I offered her an alternative ;). I told her that i’d bake her a healthy sugarless/eggless and butterless cake. I made her my Applesauce Sweet Bread. She loved it ;).











For breakfast I made myself a Coconut Flour Apple Pancake. Number one pancake!









Today was a calm day at work. The freelancers were not at the office and some co workers had training all day. Everyone tasted my cake. All in shock that something healthy could taste so darn good! The accountant was most sceptic but kept comming back down from the second floor to take another piece :p. Finally something sweet I don’t have to feel guilty about he said. For lunch I had a turkey sandwish and a piece of my cake topped with some greek yogurt.

My mom made a healthy dinner which meant I didn’t have to make myself dinner. Lovely! Chicken in a chilli tomato sauce with brussels sprouts.

Chicken Tomato










Time to chill! See ya later guys!


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