Heavy Party!

I had a great weekend. Saturday we went to sign our contract for the apartment. One month left in my hometown and then it’s bye bye mommy, hellow freedom! I’m so gonna miss my home, mom and brothers. All the laughs we had together, watching tv together. My mom also told me it was going to be a big adjustment. I could tell she was a bit sad to see me go :(. I’m going to miss my sweet little Sushi the most! The way she comes to cuddle up against me when I’m watching tv…The only negative thing about the apartment is that we are not allowed to have pets! Who does that…Our landlady was a 80 year old widow who didn’t even remember we had an appointment:p don’t think she is going to check up on us that much. I’m going to enjoy the last month with my family!

Yesterday we also went to see some bands play. It was an awesome party! Only downside is I forgot my purse so I am currently without a bank card or ID. Now that I finally have money I can’t spend it :p! Ow well, those shoes can wait ;). Some pics from last night, not the best quality I now…

photo (4) photo (5)


























After the party we spent the night at a friend’s place. He has the cutest and fluffiest cat called Guust. Forgot to take a picture…Meet Mizze! Today was game day! Funny thing about this picture is that they switched t-shirts. Both shirts that they are wearing represent the team they kind of hate!

photo (8)













Great weekend!

I also promissed to make cookies to bring with me to work tomorrow for my co workers but I didn’t know the recipe by hart and the internet was down all day…But now that it’s back up I can make them now! Not having a connection made me realize how much I rely on the internet…

Later people!


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