Beste Apartment Ever + Morning Workout Rocked!

Ok so yesterday Jonas and I went to see our first apartment. It was HUGE! 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 3 toilets, a livingroom the size of a football field, a fully equipped kitchen and a little cozy terrace. There just isn’t a bigger and more beautiful place out there…seriously I checked :). The good news is we can sign the contract Saturday! One month and the dream Apartment/house is ours! So happy. We wanted something big enough to keep our own space. To me having some time to oneself is important. The idea is to stay together for life so giving each other enough space is a must. And if there is something that this place has got enough of it’s space. More good news, I got up at 5 today for a workout! I must admit it was hard to jump out of my cozy and warm bed into my sports gear…but once I got started I felt great. I read some tips on how to make a morning workout easier :p. So I prepared everything, layed out my clothes, water, just had to get out of bed and ready to go. Also didn’t hit the snooze button! Must say I had energy for two afterwards. For breakfast I had yesterday’s fruity oatmeal bowl again. I think these are my favorites now.











For lunch I had a simple turkey sandwish a kiwi and a carrot. Everyone else had kebabs and chocolate bars for lunch…I will not cave! :p I had my dose of chocolate after dinner, had some oatmeal with dark chocolate chips.

For dinner I made salmon with grilled veggies and some fruit and feta sprinkels. DELECIOUS! I love combining salty savoury and sweet.













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