Belgium 3 – the Netherlands 1

Last night before I went to bed I took the time to make myself some pancakes for today’s breakfast. Was I glad this morning! A nice change from porridge or oats. I even dreamt about them I think :p. I also had a great night sleep. I hope every night will be as great from now on! Breakfast tasted awesome but my breakfast partner wasn’t all happy joy joy this morning. My brother is in his finals and had slept only 2 hours…not because he had to study, but because he had to much coffee during the day/ evening and just couldn’t sleep…one word, dumbass!

Whole Wheat Pancakes


  • 1/4 C Whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 C almond milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • pinch sea salt
  • pinch Stevia
  • coconut oil for cooking


  • Heat pan on low/medium heat
  • In the blender, add the milk, egg whites , flour, Stevia and sea salt and blend on high for 10 seconds.
  •  Cook pancakes 1-2 minutes until edges are dry, and gently flip. Cook for 1 minute on the other side.
  • Makes 2 fatter pancakes or 3 thin crepes.

I ate mine with blueberries and greek yogurt.










For lunch I took some whole wheat pasta my mom cooked yesterday and added some tomato sauce with ground turkey. No picture though 🙂 not really comfortable yet with taking pictures of my lunch when there is people eating around me :p, Don’t think I’ll ever be. Tasted ok but not really a big a fan of ground turkey.

The Dutchman (Pieter) brought Dutch milk! I must admit he was right…better than Belgian milk. Then again we have way better beer! And better waffles and better chocolate. Belgium 3 the Netherlands 1 ;).

When I got home I was dead-beat again…but I did my workout! 40min on the stationary bike and some basic lifting (Squats, Plié’s, Bicep Curls, Tricep Kickbacks,…). So proud I did it! For dinner I didn’t make a big effort…I tossed together some veggies and canned mackerel. A pretty simple dinner but it tasted wonderful!










I felt better about my second day and I was way more productive today!

Later people!


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