Roses and Pancakes

This morning I tested the Brinta my mother bought yesterday. It was amazing! Kind of like the porridge they eat in England. I recently started following Emily’s blog. She eats a lot of porridge instead of oatmeal so I’m glad to have tested this porridge. It’s sooo good! Maybe even better than oats…It kept me full for hours. I also used  Emily’s Cherry Bakewell Porridge recipe, but I used dates instead of cherries, almond milk instead of soy milk and walnuts instead of almonds cause I didn’t have any of the ingredients needed for the original recipe. Tasted Awesome!










I just recently got a job and they invited me to come have a drink at their New Year’s reception this afternoon. This meant I had to do my workout before lunch again. I started with a 15min interval on the stationary bike, then 1 round of yesterday’s circuit and to end my workout I did a plank workout from the Purelytwins blog.

For lunch I made a blueberry proteine smoothie. I took a shower and left for the New Year’s reception. I had a great time! No better way to get to know people than over a nice glass of champagne and some pancakes! I even recieved a bouquet of pink roses and some more pancakes to take home with me. Can’t wait to start working next week!

For dinner…well I kind of stuffed myself with pancakes and champagne so I guess you can call that my dinner :). I’m going to take another shower now cause I’m feeling a little buzzed due to a champagne overdose…

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


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