What a party!

Hellow guys! Christmas dinner was fantastic! to much food and wine though 😉 so I woke up with a little Christmas hangover. I slept through breakfast so when i woke up my mother-in-law had already set up another feast. A seafood feast this time! Luckily I wasn’t too hungover ;). Rock lobster!

photo_10 photo_11 photo_12






















After lunch I tested one of my Christmas presents, the Moulinex Masterchef 8000. The best food processor ever! It chops, grates, juices, makes smoothies, makes dough, just about everything realy. I made some almond butter.

photo photo_1












Yesterday’s party was so much fun! here are some pictures I selected.

My two wonderful brothers. It was realy hot inside so the red faces arn’t from the wine…yet ;).

photo_4 photo_5 photo_7 photo_9






















The guys talking football.













My beautiful mom!

photo (18)

























After dinner we played some Rumicub! Someone was cheating by the looks of it 😀 33456













It was a great night! Dinner will be the rest of the seafood feast. Have a great evening everyone!


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