Let the Festivities Begin!

I had to get out of bed at half past 6 this morning to go to Zaventem and do some more interim testing. The test results were good, not easy doing language, admin and organization skills tests so early in the morning ;). The lady interviewing me seemed nice but at the end of the conversation she shocked me a little. She told me I had to dress fancier and that I had to have my nails done if i wanted to find a job! In her own words: “You don’t have to wear a Channel, I mean you can maintain your own style. But still”. She probably meant well and I guess I have some shopping to do ;).

I didn’t have much time for breakfast this morning so last night I prepared some overnight oats.










When I got home from Zaventem I was starving! I made myself a hummus/feta/veggie stuffed pita.










For dinner I’m ordering shrimp stuffed tomato at the local diner. I won’t be making this one myself. A little lazyness on a Friday night isn’t a crime right? 😉 Tonight we’re also going out for a drink at the local pub called Mong Blok, nice way to start this festive weekend! So looking forward to the family Christmas dinner on Monday.

Enjoy this festive weekend you guys!


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