It’s the Most Wondeful Time of the Year!

Yesterday I went to the christmas market in Ghent. I just LOVE chistmas market ambiance! We tasted all sorts of yummy things.













Guess who had a great time!













We bought some real speculaas, not that fake sugary Lotus crap you buy in the stores. Jonas bought himself Gruut. Gruut is a beer that isn’t made with hops but with groats. They have 4 malts. Jonas already drank the amber colored one. It tasted peppery with a little sour orange taste in the finish.

Speculaas and Gruut beer









The glass was also special. It has a small mirror and when you place the glass on the Gruut beer mat you see a blond woman in a black dress :).













I enjoyed some Glühwein. So good!













Jonas his mother bought some misletoe to hang around the house. A lot of kissing going on!













At the moment Jonas and his mother are slaving away over a hot stove preparing rack of lamb with celeriac puree. I just love the spicy aromatic flavor of celeriac.













This morning I had a bagel with almond butter and jelly and a banana! Yum!










Later everyone!


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