Viva Las Vegas!

Vivaaa Las Vegas baby!

This was my favorite trip so far! Gambling (mostly Jonas), party’s, getting married! It was my all time dream to go to Las Vegas and get married there like Elvis Presley( the second love of my life :p). How lucky was I to meet and fall in love with a guy who was happy to make that dream come true!

After only 4 months as a couple we eloped and got married. After 4 years we are still together (with ups and downs) so it was definately ment to be!









We stayed at the MGM Grand. An over the top hotel! So beautiful and big.










It was incredibly hot outside! Luckily most of the fun takes place indoors.










First stop:






















Refreshments: Bloody Mary baby!












The hotel had a great pool. We often took a dip in the morning and before dinner.


































All the restaurants we went to were very nice.

American Steakhouse (Jonas is a huge meat person and had to have a big American steak!).






















I love mediterranean food. Had to post this one 😉 Pizza calzone looks sooo good!












After dinner we ALWAYS had a drink at our favorite Blue Bar. Why Blue Bar? They just had the best beer 😉













Then we got our party on! We got a surprise phonecall in the morning. One of Jonas’s gaming buddies arrived in Vegas and read on Jonas’s Twitter page that we were also in Vegas. They had been cyber buddies for years and met each other for the first time in Las Vegas! Best place to meet up if you ask me:).































Ocean’s Eleven!









The most memorable thing about this trip is definately how we got home. Don’t ask me how this could have happened. We missed our flight back home! I was chilling at the pool while Jonas pas playing some poker. Suddenly he ran over saying he had a bad feeling and wanted to check our tickets. Oops…completely lost track of time! Vegas can do that to ya ;). When we arrived at the airport they told us we had to buy new tickets full price! we were pretty much almost broke and I was mentally preparing for dishwashing at Hooters…

Eventually we decided to fly to Atlanta and see what they could tell us there. We arrived in the middle of the night and asked for advice. There they told us we just had to pay a 100 dollar fee! We even got to spend the night in a nice hotel next to the Atlanta Airport for free! All’s well that ends well 🙂










Bye Bye Vegas! Definately see you next time!

More on the wedding here



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