Killer workout!

What a workout it was today! I began my workout with a 25min interval training on the stationary bike. Then I decided to do an Insanity workout with Shaun T, the pure cario disc. 45min of HIIT! But I survived 🙂

Pure Cardio with Shaun T:

1. Warm up (yeah right! I was already dripping wet after this “warm up”)

  • Jog – Get your feet off the ground while keeping your core tight. (30sec)
  • Jumping jacks(30sec).
  • Heisman – Video on how to do Heisman(30sec)
  • 1,2,3 – 1,2,3 – Heisman with 2 steps in between, keeping good form and your core tight.(30sec)
  • Butt kicks – Knees down, heels to your butt.(30sec)
  • High knees – Bring your knees up with your core, not your back!(30sec)
  • Mummy Kicks – Video on how to do Mummy Kicks(30sec)

2. Round 2 (Same warm up as above picking up the speed)

3. Round 3 (Same warm up as fast as you can)

* For all of the warm-ups especially for insanity pure cardio, never sacrifice form for speed!

4. Stretch

Video of Insanity stretch here. (5min)

After the stretch you get 30 sec. to drink some water. DRINK WATER! You will need it. During the next circuit you don’t get anymore water breaks (I did drink water in between exercises…Sorry Shaun T!)

Each exercise is one consecutive minute with no breaks in between. Good luck!

1. Suicide Drills

Video here

2.Switch Kicks

– pretty much doing a front kick with each one of your legs in an alternating fashion. Keep the core tight!

3. Wide Football Sprints (Didn’t find video)

– Keep your feet wide and shuffle your feet. You’ll really feel this in your calves.  Turn right. Turn front. Turn left. Turn front.  Move to the right. Move to the left. Move back. Set (like a football player), and SPRINT! This one is pretty intense I must say!  This set is repeated twice in a minute.

4. Stance Jacks

Video here.

5. Pedal

Video here.

6. Hooks and Jump Rope

– Throw 4 hooks and then do  4 high jumps like your jumping rope, each side alternating.

*Never over due it, take a break at any point if you need it to keep correct form.

7. Power Jacks

-Like regular jumping jacks except you drop your butt down into a nice squat, and you don’t have to touch your fingertips at the top. Keep your core tight with good form!

8. Level 2 Drills

– 4 push ups, 4 mountain climbers in a plank, jump up and repeat until the minute is up.  This one’s tough and can drain your arms.

9. Frog Jumps

Video here.

10. Power Knees

Video here.

11. Mountain Climbers

–  This is the non plank version where basically you act like you’re trying to climb a mountain.  Hands reaching up, lift your knees with your core. Do as many as you can get with good form.

12. Ski Down

– Use your arms for momentum and jump like a skier from side to side making sure not to twist at the waist. Keep your knees together and land soft on the knees.

13. Scissor Runs/ Switch Feet

–  Keep your toes and heels flat on the floor and alternate legs this one makes you feel kind of goofy.

14. Burpees

Video here.

15. Push-up Jacks

– Exhausted at this point you finish out insanity pure cardio with push up jacks.  Push up position, but when you go down you jump your feet out like a jumping jack.

After workout stretch and done 🙂 In need of a shower!

Time for dinner.

Chicken Cashew Stirr-Fry:

I followed a recipe found here and didn’t make any changes. It was very nice!



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