On the Road – Jack Kerouac













This book revolves around the Beat Generation of the 50’s. It follows the travels and adventures of Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty across America. When I was reading this book I was completely drawn into their story. It was also very confusing because of all the moving around and the large amount of characters. It’s not only a story of travel and complete freedom (wich was considered wrong at that time) but also a story of great friendship, about mad escapades, about drinking and drugs and beautiful descriptions of jazz(I actually started listening and loving jazz after reading this book), about womanising and being a bad husband, above all else it is about finally attaining IT! the moment of ecstatic bliss that Dean devotes his life to pursuing. I loved reading this! Definitely one of my favorite books so far.

More on this book here: On the Road – Jack Kerouac


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