The Wedding

Everyone meet the love of my life!












This is Jonas. The one who swept me of my feet! The most important thing in life to me (besides healthy living) is laughter. And if there is one thing Jonas can do best it’s make me smile. He’ll probably hate reading this but he’s my studmuffin!

3 years ago he made me the happiest woman on earth! When I told him I was a big Elvis Presley fan and that my all time dream was to get married in Las Vegas, he made it happen!












And they lived happely ever after.


3 thoughts on “The Wedding

  1. […] reason I’m so happy it’s Friday is because I spend every weekend at Jonas’s place. We still don’t live together because I first have to find a job(working on it). This […]

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    […] hangover isn’t that bad for me but studmuffin isn’t feeling it today. Today we won’t get much farther than the couch Breakfast can […]

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