La dolce vita! La bella Italia!

I graduated as a translator English and Italian. I love the USA, but trust me Europe is awesome too. You’ve probably already guessed that I love Italy. The culture, language, architecture, music and ofcourse te food!

Jonas was a bit sceptic as he prefers germanic countries. So what better way to make him fall in love with this beautiful country than a love trip to beautiful and romantic Venice.                        











We immediately fell in love with this lovely little city. It took a while to get used to the travelling by boat and the hunderds of little and narrow streets. We often got lost and ended up wandering around the streets wich made it even more exciting really












It took us a day to get to know the city and to know our way around. To keep this trip somewhat active we walked most of the time and only took a vaporetto(what they call the boats) to visit other islands or to go back to our hotel after a long day of wandering around.

Burano! Only a 30min vaporetto trip away from Venice. This was the most beautiful and colorful place I had ever been.





































Italy, sun, cheese, bread and red wine…La dolce vita as they say 🙂

Piazza San Marco












This was definitaly the most romantic trip ever! Italia! Mi manchi già…Alla prossima volta!


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